The War On Freedom

Below I’m trying to keep track of every company who deny (1) actual proof Trump asked supporters to march to Capitol peacefully while Antifa and other racial groups stormed the building, and/or (2) the mountain of evidence of election fraud:


AIG cancels Kurt Shilling

Lowes Hotels cancels Senator Hawley’s Event

Simon and Schuster cancels Senators Book

Bed Bath And Beyond drops My Pillow

Kohl’s drops My Pillow

Wayfair drops My Pillow

Stripe will no longer process payments for President Trump’s campaign

PGA banned Trump’s course from being used in the 2022 championship

Deutsche Bank will no longer offer their services to Trump

Signature Bank will no longer do business with President Trump

New York City cancels business contracts with President Donald Trump

Media Companies:

Facebook Bans President Trump, Walk Away Group,

Instagram Bans President Trump,

Twitter Bans President Trump, Tom Fitton, Margie Greene (Rep)

YouTube Bans President Trump, War Room, John Fredericks Radio

SnapChat Bans President Trump,

Shopify Bans President Trump,

Reddit Bans President Trump,

Twitch Bans President Trump,

Pintrest Bans President Trump,

Google Removes Parler from app store,

Apple Removes Parler from app store,

Amazon Denying AWS services to Parler,

Monzilla Deplatforming’ Trump Not Enough

Patreon cancels Conservatives and others

Disney cancels GOP Donations

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