Daily v42


Our Father…

Heavenly Father, in Jesus’ name I want to thank you for this day, and for all the blessings You’ve poured into my life. You have blessed me far more than I deserve.
Thank you for my family, including my Mother Karen, Father Stephen, and brothers Stephen and Kevin. And most of all for my wife Tracey. Thank you also for our children Sarah, Mary, John, and Joseph, and for our grandkids Alexis, Liam, and Thomas. Please bless them all with Health and Happiness, and may I always bring Your Love and Joy into their lives when I am with them.

And thank you most of all for your forgiveness and salvation through Christ Jesus and his Sacrifice on Calvery, through which You set me free. I know that it’s through Jesus that I am delivered and free, and I openly declare that I am no longer a slave, but I am a child of Almighty God.

Dear Heavenly Father, please purify my heart that I may show mercy and loving-kindness to all. And may I never take or give offense to anyone. I know You desire to forgive every sin in my life, and to restore me completely to a life of perfect friendship with You. I accept Your gift of forgiveness in my life, Father, and I freely choose to offer this same mercy to everyone.

Father, You and You alone are able to take authority over my life and bring order and peace. Please remove any doubt and stubbornness from my heart so that I can open myself to You and Your grace. Please take authority of my life, and lead me in Your most holy will.

Dear Jesus, please help me to be merciful like You are merciful. Free me from all bitterness and resentment so that I may Truly Forgive all from the heart. Be the ruler of my heart and thoughts, be the king of my home, business, and relationships, and be the master of my work and service. Help me to make good use of the gifts, talents, time, and resources you have given me, all for Your glory and Your kingdom.

Dear Holy Spirit, please bless me with your gifts of Wisdom and Understanding, Counsel and Fortitude, Knowledge, Reverence, and Piety

Psalm 79-9-13

“Help us, God our Savior, for the glory of your name;
deliver us and forgive our sins, for your name’s sake.
Why should the nations ask, “Where is their God?”
Before our eyes make it clearly known among those nations
that you avenge the blood of your servants.
Let the groans of the captives come before you;
through your great power save those who have been sentenced to death.
Repay our neighbors sevenfold in their breasts, O Lord,
for the insults with which they taunted you.
Then we, your people, the sheep of your pasture,
will offer thanks to you forever;
from generation to generation
we will proclaim your praise.”


Our Father…

Dear Heavenly Father, in Jesus Name I come before you in prayer to thank you for all your blessings, as well as ask for those things I need and desire.

I openly declare that I am Washed by the Blood of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
I am Covered by His Blood. I am Saved by His Blood. I am Healed by His Blood.
And I know the Devil cannot defeat the Blood of Jesus

To Satan I say that I deny you access to me in any way, in the Name of Jesus. I resist you, and you have to flee. I have the authority over you; Flee.”

I say ‘enough is enough,’ and in the name of Jesus I rebuke, bind and make my enemies flee, and all who are with them who are against me flee.

Jesus defeated Satan in my life. I know it! I receive today what the LORD has done. I am not defeated, and I will not quit. I say this over every area in my life, including those where Satan wanted to keep my bound and enslaved.

I know my enemies cannot hold me back from what God has for me. It is already mine. So I will not let the enemy steal what rightfully belongs to me.

God’s angels are alert, and they are ready to perform His Word. I have an army with me, and it is greater than the army against me, and I rely on that army and call on it.

I call on my Guardian Angels, I call on my Ministering Angels, and I call on God’s Warring Angels.
I know they are waiting for God’s Words to be spoken from my mouth. so I speak these words:
– All is well
– I am free
– I have overcome.
– I am a fighter, and I win.
– I am victorious.

I speak God’s Words, and He does things speedily, even when I don’t understand it or it doesn’t look like it.
I know God’s created this Earth.
And God’s has told us words have power.
So I speak these words
I speak life
I speak liberty and freedom
I speak healing and good health
I speak finances and abundance
I speak success doing God’s will
I choose blessing
I choose life
I do so by speaking these words

I speak my Heavenly Father’s Words over what I want and desire and not what it seems like I have today.
I speak to my mountains and everything in my way, and command them to move in my favor in the name of Jesus
I speak to the chains holding me back, and command them to be removed in the name of Jesus

I speak to my cupboards and shelves where I keep my food and supplies, and I speak multiplication, and increase, and that there is no lack, and that nothing is going to run out.

I speak overflow, increase, and believe God is my source of provision and supply.
I give my Heavenly Father the opportunity, look to Him and ask. And it shall be given unto me. I seek, and I will find. I knock, and the door is opened.

Jesus paid the price for my freedom with his sacrifice on Calvery, and through it He set me free.
And now I declare this day I am a new creation in and through my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ,
And I declare that I let go of all my past failures and mistakes, and leave my past in the past, and receive the future my Heavenly Father has for me – one with joy, victory and peace I’ve never known before

I call in God’s Deliverance, Healing, Good Health, Happiness, Joy, Freedom, Finances, Success and Abundance

Using the Power and Authority my Heavenly Father has given me, and in the name of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I shake off all the chains my enemies put on me. I shake them off and shake free. I break free, break out, break forth, and break through all the plans of my enemy.

Using the Power and Authority my Heavily Father has given me, and in the name of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, to my body I say all sickness, disease, deformities, abnormalities, must flee

Using the Power and Authority my Heavenly Father has given me, and in the name of my Lord and Savior Jesus, I take back Perfect Health and Restoration

Using the Power and Authority of my Heavily Father, Almighty God, and in the name of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I tell my bank accounts to fill up to overflowing, and my debts to flee, and I call in my new Homes, Businesses, Lands, Buildings and Properties, all so I can work and live freely for my Heavenly Father, Almighty God

And now I declare the year of 2023 is a year to be free.
I declare 2023 is a year of glee
I declare 2023 a year of prophecy
I declare 2023 a year to end what we see
I declare 2023 a year of great victory
I declare 2023 a year of great prosperity
I declare 2023 a year to bring a great correction
I declare 2023 a year that will bring justice
I declare 2023 a year that will bring a great exchange
I declare 2023 a year of reversal of the captivity
I declare 2023 the year of great glory and
I declare 2023 a year for me

I am full of God’s peace, joy and love
I am always kind and patient with everyone I interact with
I always listen, then pause and reflect before I speak
I do everything out of a motivation of love
I declare I am healed head to toes, body and soul,
I have a full head of hair, and I have better than 20/20 vision
I have clear skin including on my head, face and neck, with no concerning blemishes, spots, or marks, and my head, face, and neck is no long beat red, high blood pressure red, or damaged or burnt red, but is my normal skin color
My nose is healed and restored, and no longer deformed or itchy
My mind is clear & sharp, my liver, stomach, and digestion are in perfect health
My heart & arteries are clean & strong, and I no longer have high blood pressure
My whole body is healed and restored, and I have no disfunctions

I declare I am fit and trim, I am healthy, and I eat healthy
My weight and metabolism is as God wanted it, and I weigh under 200
I go for jogs each week, and run 5Ks under 30 minutes

My bank accounts are filled to overflowing, and all my debts flee
My customers, sponsors and advertisers overflow
My audience continues to grow and grow and grow
And my content and courses are of the best quality and value

I have a new home and business building in the Smokies
My wife has an awesome job near by,
And our family relocates to be near us there

I am free to serve God.
I am free in every area of my life.
I am free from this Babylonian system.
I am free from their chains of the One World Government.
I am free from the sickness and pain their food and medicine have caused.
I am free from the stress and fear they caused, to cause an unlimited amount of diseases.
I am free from that fear.
I am free from their deceptions and lies.
I am free from their economic system that held me captive, because God is My provider, and I always have more than enough.

I cannot be defeated because Jesus won my victory.
So I declare My freedoms are now. I declare My deliverance is now.
I arise, shine, and proclaim the Lord is good, and His mercy endureth forever.
And to my Heavenly Father I say, I love You, I live for You, and I will do as You ask me to do

Heavenly Father, I pray that
My Wife Tracey is completely healed and cancer free, and free from medication. She is healthy and eats healthy, and is very happy at home and work, and continues to be an awesome blessing in all our lives
My Daughter Sarah has great success in business, pays herself very well, has time to explore other interests, and has time for Alexis and Liam, who also have wholesome friendships and success in school
My Daughter Mary has great success in business, pays herself very well, has time for Thomas, no longer has legal or verbal issues with her ex, and Thomas grows in strength, wisdom, and most of all love
My Son John finds his true calling and is very successful, and is easily able to support his new family, and he gets married, finds a beautiful home, and becomes a true blessing to his community
My Son Joseph finds an awesome job that pays him very well and allows him to use talents to follow his calling, he finds his true love and they get married, buy a beautiful home, and raise a family in love

Dear Heavenly Father, I put my trust in You my God. I believe Your words, and now speak them with Your Authority and Power:
I DECLARE IN JESUS’ NAME: Date Received – May 19, 2023
• God has permission to move on my behalf in all areas*******.

I DECLARE IN JESUS’ NAME: Date Received – June 4, 2023
• Evil has already been defeated.

I DECLARE IN JESUS’ NAME: Date Received – June 8, 2023
• that truth is fully exposed

I DECLARE IN JESUS’ NAME: Date Received – June 8, 2023
• I am protected by the Blood of Jesus;
• I know who I am in God;
• God is on the inside of me;
• God is on my side; and
• the armor of God protects me daily.

I DECLARE IN JESUS’ NAME: Date Received – June 8, 2023
• I have ears to hear the Holy Spirit;
• the Holy Spirit has permission to lead me; and
• life, blessings, breakthroughs, and miracles in my life today

I DECLARE IN JESUS’ NAME: Date Received – June 26, 2023 – pruned
• The Name of God is my weapon.
• No weapon formed against me shall prosper
• I live under an open Heaven.
• I receive from God in a greater measure.
• I receive from God in ways I’ve never received before.
• I receive God’s peace and God’s rest.
• Greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world.

I DECLARE IN JESUS’ NAME: Date Received – June 27, 2023
• Through the power of God’s Word, I bind &rebuke the enemy, and tear down the enemy’s walls, rendering the enemy helpless and loosing God’s victorious power and His goodness in my life.
• All corruption in the United States government has been brought to nothing.
• All corruption at the United States border has been brought to nothing.

• walk with me;
• talk with me; and
• reveal Who He is.

I DECLARE IN JESUS’ NAME: Date Received – August 29
• I am spiritually alert and attentive to what God is saying and doing***; and
• God will have the last and final say****.

I DECLARE IN JESUS’ NAME: Date Received – September 5, 2023

• I am redeemed from the curse. (Gal. 3:13; Isa. 44:22, 43:1)
• My enemy is defeated. (Rev. 12:7-12, 1:18)
• I will not accept (the enemy’s) lies : (Is. 53:4-5, 54:17; Gal. 3:13-14)
• I will not accept defeat
• I will not accept sickness, disease or pain.
• My enemies cannot stop God’s plan or His will. (Matt. 6:10)
• There is great confusion in the enemies’ camps. (Ps. 55:9; Gen. 11:1-8, Judg. 7)

I DECLARE IN JESUS’ NAME: Date Received – October 4, 2023

• God is the God of justice. (Isa. 30:18; Luke 18:7-8)
• God is moving His hand. (Ps. 74:11; Jer. 15:6; Ps. 60:5, 108:5-6)
• God is bringing back order, justice, and freedom to my nation and me. (Prov. 28:2; Ps. 22:27-28)
• God is bringing life back into my marriage, children, and family, ; (Luke 15:11-32)
• God is bringing life back into my finances and business
• God is bringing life back into my nation.
• God’s David will live, prosper, and stand. (1 Tim. 2:1-3)
• God’s Nation, the United States, will live, prosper, and stand. (Prov. 20:18, 28:2)

I DECLARE IN JESUS’ NAME: Date Received – October 4, 2023
• God is my protector; (Ps. 59:9, 62:7)
• God is my defender; (Ps. 59:17, 91:2)
• God is my avenger; (Ps. 94:1-2; Rom. 12:19)
• God is my deliverer; (Ex. 18:4)
• God is my restorer; (Ruth 4) and
• God is my healer. (1 Peter 2:24)
• God is healing me of everything my enemies have done.
• God guides and directs my path because He is my Shepherd.
• God protects (shepherds) His children and His nations.
• God is collapsing the enemies and everything unjust they are trying to use against me. (Hab. 3:12-15)
• God is bringing everything in the unseen into the seen. (Gen. 1)
• God’s Words are coming to pass. (Isa. 55:11 AMPC; Jer. 1:12)
• I do not worry or fear about the things I see. (Phil. 4:6; Matt. 6:27-34)

I DECLARE IN JESUS’ NAME: Date Received – October 10, 2023

• God is removing blinders; (2 Kings 6:17)
• God is removing chains and bondages; (Nah. 1:13; Ezek. 34:27) (Ps. 107:10-20; Gal. 5:1)
• God is removing the people (against Him).
• God is removing the enemies’ influence; narratives; lies and deception; rules; control; governments; news (industry); education system; churches; religion; and weakness (Ps. 55:9-23)
• God is moving, defending, and delivering me from the hands of the wicked. (Ps. 107:2, 110:5-6)
• God’s plans, God’s nations, and God’s children succeed and thrive, not the enemies. (Prov. 19:21; Isa. 14:24)
• God has already won the victory, so I celebrate now. (Ps. 110:1)

I DECLARE IN JESUS’ NAME: Date Received – October 19, 2023
• as a child of God, I do not fear anything; (Ps. 62:6, 112:7)
• God is my ultimate defender; (Deut. 32:4)
• God is my ultimate protector; (Ps. 23:4)
• my enemies must flee before me; (James 4:7; Ps. 68:1)
• God delivers; (Ps. 34:17)
• God saves; (Ps. 50:15)
• God has delivered me; (Col. 1:13)
• God has saved me; (Rom. 10:9-10) and
• God does not fail. (Deut. 4:29-31)

• God is moving like never before.
• God is unmasking and revealing all traitors everywhere.
• God is bringing great destruction against all His enemies. (Deut. 32:35; Ps. 37:34-35; Jer. 50:39-40)
• God’s enemies cannot touch the nation of Israel or God’s people. (Isa. 41:10-14; 2 Kings 6:8-12; Jer. 50:33-38; Zech. 12:8-9)
• God is having His way regarding: (Nah. 1:3)
o Israel;
o the United States;
o His David’s return; and
o all nations around the world. (Ps. 113:4)
• God is raising up all nations stronger than before. (Job 12:23)

I DECLARE IN JESUS’ NAME: Date Received – October 30, 2023
• God will have His way; (Eph. 1:9-11)
• God is stopping the enemies’ reset;
• God is showing and exposing all the evil everywhere; (John 8:32) and
• judgment is coming against the enemies of Almighty God. (Ps. 37:12-13)

• God is the Great I AM; (Ex. 3:14)
• God’s victory is at hand; (Deut. 20:4)
• the release of God’s children and His eagle has begun; (Ex. 12:31-42)
• God’s reset is about to be experienced by the world; (1 Sam. 2:4-10)
• this is our time as children of God [not our enemies’ time]; (Mal. 4:1-3)
• I receive great restoration of all things now; (Deut. 30:2-6) and
• God will have His way. (Prov. 16:1)

I look to God, and not to the temporary darkness, and there will be no darkness in my life because God’s Light will shine on me. I look up to God because God has great things for me.

Now I get on my knees before Almighty God, and humbly ask for everything I need and desire