Fixing our Election System in 2021

As I see it, President Trump will be leaving the White House on January 20th.

If I am right, the FIRST step we must take is we must FIX our STATE ELECTION LAWS this year (2021)

Note: This has to be done either way.

If republican legislators do not do this, the Dems can steal the state legislators and it’s all over – we will have become a one party country.

A short list of what state legislatures NEED to do in 2021: (many of these actions must be taken concurrently)

– Examine Election Fraud evidence. Put election officials under oath. Lock up law breakers.

– Take back control of elections – in some places make Sec of State a legislative appointee (not elected and untouchable for two to four years)

– Change laws so legislators stay in session after November elections – no more taking Nov and Dec off.

– Pass recall legislation so elected officials and judges can be removed by the people

– Require legislator observers / lawyers at all large vote counting location to insure law is followed – pass legislation that requires state police to uphold election law and arrest those trying to break it

– Remove all known ways to flip votes or count fake ballots, require that partisan watchers are present and can see ballots up close and personal (plexiglass is relatively cheap.) Require all vote counting be done in public.

– Fix absentee voting system (human sig checks?,) require cleaning of voter roles each year

– Require chain of custody on all ballots – violators to be prosecuted and those ballots discarded

And I’m sure there’s much more that need to be done!


Michael 7