Affirmations v02

I declare this day I receive God’s Love, Peace, and Joy into my Heart

I declare this day I receive God’s Deliverance, and have Soundness of Mind and Thought

I declare this day I receive God’s Healing, and I am fully Healed, Restored, and have Good Health

I declare this day I receive God’s Blessings, and have Finances, Abundance and more than enough

I declare these all these things, and I receive all that my Heavenly Father has for me, which is Far More than I Can Imagine

And I accept Freedom in every area of my life and declare Victory!


I arise, shine, and proclaim the Lord is Good, and His Mercy endureth forever.


These are my days to Thrive, not just survive. These are my days to Thrive!

These are my days to live in Perfect Health, Supernatural Youth, and with Finances, Abundance, and More Than Enough

Yes, these are the days of the Supernatural, and I believe I receive the Glory of God without measure.

So now I take what is mine. I take what Jesus has done for me.


I am full of God’s Love, Peace, and Joy

I am always kind and patient with everyone

I always listen and reflect before I speak

I do everything out of a motivation of love


I am healed head to toes, body, mind, spirit and soul,

I have a Full head of hair, and I have better than 20/20

I have Clear Skin including on my head, face and neck, and

I no longer have concerning blemishes, spots, or marks


My Head, face, and neck is healed and now my normal, healthy skin color

My Nose is healed and restored, and no longer deformed, discolored, blemished or itchy

My Mouth, throat and voice are Healed and Restored, and I speak clearly

My Stomach, Liver, and digestion are in perfect health and no longer gassy, irregular, or irritable

My Heart & arteries are clean, & strong, my blood is clear, and I have normal blood pressure

My lungs are completely restored,

My Mind is Purified and Free, healed and restored, clear and sharp and easily focused on God’s Will & Path

My Whole Body is healed and restored, and I have no disfunctions, deformities, sickness, disease, injuries or pain

I declare I am fit and trim, I am healthy, and I eat healthy

My weight and metabolism is as God wants it, and I weigh under 200

I go for jogs each week, and run 5Ks under 30 minutes


My bank accounts are all filled to overflowing, and all my debts flee

My customers, sponsors and advertisers overflow and are a joy to work with
My audience continues to grow and grow and grow, and they find true value in my company’s content

Our content and courses are of the best quality and value, and truly a help to God’s people


Tracey and I have a peaceful mountain home in the Smokies

I have a wonderful business building nearby, and My wife has an awesome job near by too,

And many of our family and friends choose to buy homes in the area to be near us there


I am free to serve Almighty God.

I am free in Every area of my Life.

I am free from the Babylonian system.

I am free from the Chains of the One World Government.

I am free from the Sickness and Pain they wanted to cause

I am free from the stress and fear they wanted to cause

I am free from their deceptions and lies.

I am free from their economic system that held me captive because God is My provider and I have more than enough


I declare My freedoms are now. And I declare My deliverance is now.

And I Arise, Shine, and Proclaim the Lord is Good, and His Mercy endureth forever.


Now I take a moment to imagine my near future:

  • I sleep well, and enjoy my morning quite time with my Heavenly Father, praying, reading, and reflecting on his daily word.
  • I then reflect on my near future and what I want it to look like, and how I will help build my Heavenly Father’s kingdom this day
  • Next I read the IA news, choosing which stories I’ll share with my audience
  • I then enjoy talking to my wife about our upcoming day, before getting ready and leaving for work
  • At work I share the daily news, then post it, and then  host a company morning meeting
  • Next I say my morning prayers
  • Once morning prayers are done, I work on new lessons through lunch until early afternoon, after which I check emails, voicemails, and web comments.
  • After 3pm is spent recording podcasts or livestreaming new public, member only, and Q&A videos.
  • Five is quitting time, and time to spend the evening with my wife, family, and friends.